Consulting for Incorporation in India

We provide any kind of services in order for Japanese companies to incorporate in India. Such as market researches, interpretation and translation support, administrative procedure support, providing property information for offices and introducing appropriate legal and accountant services.

Logistics and Human Resources Service

We provide appropriate services in order to make sure imports and exports between India and Japan as well as domestic transport in India. We also offer the services, such as introducing Indian employees suitable for your company and providing proper training for those employees in order for them to understand Japanese commercial standards.

Infrastructure Undertaking

We offer building maintenance using Japanese technology and equipment. We also introduce these waste solutions, water purification solutions, energy saving technology and environmental conservation know-how developed in Japan.

About Us

As we have so many differences with regard to business manners, terms, and the way of thinking between Japan and any other oversea countries, we have to manage to cope with any matters occurred by such differences. Therefore, we have organised professionals, experts, and know-hows to serve our clients and to enhance their competitiveness in India.